Turning Back The Tide of Incivility

Before the 2024 New Hampshire Presidential Primary (date TBD), we have launched a national campaign to turn back the tide of incivility in our country.

In a purposely non-partisan way, we’re taking advantage of the global media turning up their lights on the busloads of candidates, campaign workers, volunteers, and electioneers who head out across New Hampshire, and the nation chronicling their beliefs of what is best for the USA. This Primary season, they’ll be talking and writing about #THE CIVILITY MOVEMENT, as well.

A More Perfect Union

In 1776, our founders started it. We need YOU to help finish the job!

Many now agree that America needs an attitude correction. For some reason, we seem to have lost our ability to communicate with one another in a civil manner, on almost any subject. So, we’re convening the National Presidential Youth Convention to turn back the tide of incivility – no pointing fingers – no blame game.
We are problem solvers.
We will boldly face the global media with as many as 5,000 in-person attendees, and a large social media presence. Everyone is invited to jump on board #THE CIVILITY MOVEMENT.

The Purveyors of Chaos and Kindness - Recycled Percussion Will Perform

Politics aren’t the only parties in town. After working on our country all day – we’ll party!

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Larry Jacobs of Education Talk Radio interviews Dean Graziano and Susan Gable of IZZIT.org and Fred Bramante of the National Center for Competency-Based Learning about the Civics and Civility project and the Civility Movement.

Click here to listen.

We the People (Behind the Movement)

Fred Bramante, Founder/President – National Center for Competency-Based Learning
Gary M. ONeil, Intellectual Property Developer/Creative Director
Dean Graziano, J.D., V.P. of Education – izzit.org
Rajesh Nair, Founder/CEO of EnCube Labs
Mary Ford, Ed.D., Director of Inclusive Career Pathways, National Collaboration for Digital Equity
Brian Hettrick, Founder and Chief Civility Officer, Sustainability Thrive LLC
James T. McKim, Jr., President, Manchester NAACP; Managing Partner, Organizational Ignition LLC
Jacqui Guillette, CAGS, Retired Superintendent of Schools
Charles Garland, Founder of The Innovation Habit LLC
Ken Darsney, New Hampshire Department of Education
Jay Kahn, PhD, former New Hampshire State Senator
John M. Lewis, Esq., past Chairman of New Hampshire State Board of Education
Jaynie Malorni, Education Lead, Nevada Department of Education
Mel Myler, New Hampshire House of Representatives, Education Committee
Haley Goodwin, New Hampshire Social Studies Teacher